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                     Location: Home > Products > Single Out Programmable DC Power Supply > MPM-3003S Series
             MPM-3003S Series

          MPM-3003S Series

          Single Output Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

          This MPM-3003S series Single Output Programmable Power Supply is controlled by Micro Processor Unit (MPU) with extreme high accuracy, which can easily connect communication interface RS-232 or USB to computer in order to satisfy users’ demand for auto-testing and auto-control. The software commands are fully complied with the SCPI format, it is convenient for user to proceed auto-tested and auto-controlled application program. Also, the digitalization of system makes a speedy, precise and convenient input of information controlled by keyboard. The adjustment of voltage/current is made by software calibration without manual error that will increase the preciseness of the instrument.


            Main Features

          ·               Single output with dual range

          ·               1mV/0.1mA high resolution

          ·               24 bits ADC and 16 bits DAC, high accuracy, high resolution

          ·               Safety design: OLP, OVP, OCP, OTP and reverse polarity production

          ·               Auto CC and CV switch

          ·               122×32 LCD display 

          ·               Convenient and high efficiency operation of setting interface, high speed rotary knob and numeric key input

          ·               Warning buzzer

          ·               Key-lock to prevent improper operation

          ·               Output ON/OFF control

          ·               Save and Recall function of 100 groups setting and proceed together with auto operation can achieve the purpose of auto test

          ·               Standard interface: USB or RS232

          ·               Support SCPI commands

          For detailed performance parameters and technical specifications, refer to Single Output Programmable  DC Power Supply Data Sheet.


          Output range
          Output ratings
          Save /Recall
          RS232 or USB interface
          dual range 0~36V/0~3A or 0~15V/0~6A 100 sets Provided
          dual range 0~36V/0~5A or 0~15V/0~10A 100 sets Provided
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