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          MSD-3606 Multi-output Dual-range Switching DC Power Supply

          MSD-3606 switching mode DC power supply provides 375W output capacity with three independent outputs and CH1/CH2 dual-range output (30V/ 6A or 60V/ 3A), which accommodates a wide range of applications. On the basis of fixed output capacity, it enables output voltage or current to the maximum. With high power density and high conversion efficiency, multiple protections, high reliability, low noise and compact design, MSD-3606 is completely adequate for satisfying mainstream power supply demands.



          ·               CH1/CH2 dual-range output of 30V/6A or 60V/3A

          ·               CH3 adjustable output: 0.1~5V/3A

          ·               Auto series/parallel tracking operation, providing flexible output of 30V/12A,    60V/6A or 120V/3A

          ·               High power conversion efficiency, improving the power efficiency by 25% than traditional power supply

          ·               Manual and remote ON/OFF control

          ·               Multiple protections: OVP, OTP, OLP and reverse polarity protection

          ·               Automatically switching AC115V/230V source

          ·               Fan speed control circuit, minimizing fan acoustic noise

          ·               Compact design, light weight

          For detailed performance parameters and technical specifications, refer to MSD-3606 Data Sheet.


          CH1 output ratings
          CH2 output ratings
          CH3 ouput ratings
          0~30V/0~6A or 0~60V/0~3A 0~30V/0~6A or 0~60V/0~3A 0.1~5V/3A 100mV/10mA
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