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                     Location: Home > Products > Analog power > MPS-3303K Series
             MPS-3303K Series



          MPS-3303K series off with economical analog output power 



          ?         0-30V,0-3A/5A Dual Channels adjustable and one fixed 3A output

          ?         Overload Protection

          ?         Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Low ripple

          ?         noise, Low temperature drift

          ?         Pre-set current limited point

          ?         In tracking mode,both outputs are automatically

          ?         connected in series or parallel without extracables

          ?         In series mode,machine can be connected as

          ?         positive and negative supply

          ?         Multi tune potentiometers,easy to setup voltage

          ?         High efficient toroidal transformer

          ?         Dual Color four LED Digital Panel Meters Voltages and Current Display

          ?         The built-in radiator,built-in temperature-controlled fan

          ?         MPS-3303K has out control function

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          Output voltage
          Output rated current
          Measurement resolution
          0~30V×2 5V×1 , 0~3A×2 3A×1 , Voltage: 100mV current: 10mA, 330(D)*255(W)*155(H)mm , 7kg ,
          0~30V×2 5V×1 , 0~5A×2 3A×1 , Voltage: 100mV current: 10mA, 330(D)*255(W)*155(H)mm , 8kg ,
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