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             MFG-3000 Series


          MFG-3000 Series DDS Function Generator
          Based on the direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology and unique FPGA design, MFG-3000 Series are built with exceptionally performance far exceeding that of any conventional function generators at a very competitive price. Stable output frequency, low distortion and fine frequency resolution are the most remarkable characteristics of this product series.
          MFG-3000 Series include four members at 10MHz, 20MHz, 40MHz and 60MHz bandwidth. MFG-3000 Series provide 180MSa/s sample rate, 10bits vertical resolution, high stability level, output waveform accuracy and multiple modulation functions, including FM, AM, ASK, FSK, PSK, frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, burst, CHA&CHB add, etc., which can meet users' diversified needs. What's more, the TFT display, user-friendly interface design and panel layout bring users exceptional experience. The remote control of the generator can be easily done through optional configuration interfaces of USB and RS232 devices. Additionally, the extendable optional functions of frequency counter and power amplifier accommodate a wide range of applications.



          ·         Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 independent output channels

          ·         3.5-inch TFT display, English/Chinese menu

          ·         32 kinds of built-in pre-stored waveforms in Channel B

          ·         Minimum stable output waveform: 1mV(50Ω)

          ·         Multiple modulation functions: FM, AM, FSK, ASK, PSK

          ·         Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, burst and CHA&CHB add functions

          ·         Over oltage, over current, output short-circuit and reverse voltage protections

          ·         Optional parts: RS232, USB interface, frequency counter, power amplifier

          For detailed performance parameters and technical specifications, refer to MFG-3000 Series Data Sheet.


          Max. Output Frequency
          Sample Rate
          Vertical Resolution
          Waveform Length
          Pre-stored Waveform Type
          10MHz 180MSa/s 10bits 4~16000pts 3 types
          20MHz 180MSa/s 10bits 4~16000pts 3 types
          40MHz 180MSa/s 10bits 4~16000pts 3 types
          60MHz 180MSa/s 10bits 4~16000pts 3 types
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