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                     Location: Home > Products > Analog Oscilloscope > MOS-5100


          MOS-5100  100MHz standard oscilloscope




          ?         High luminance,internal graticule Toshiba CRT

          ?         Japanese electronic encoder,light,handy and reliable

          ?         Fully sealed long live vertical mode switch

          ?         ALT Triggering Function. Two independent signals

          ?         simultaneous observation

          ?         Triggering Level Lock Function, Automatic Synchronize Function

          ?         100MHz Dual Channel

          ?         High Sensitivity 1mV/DIV

          ?         Z Axis lnput

          ?         CH1 Output

          ?         10 times sweep magnification

          ?         TV Synchronization,X-Y mode

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          Rise time
          Vertical sensitivity
          The highest sensitivity
          Scan time
          100MHz 3.5nS 5V/DIV-5mV/DIV 1mV/DIV 0.1uS~0.2S/DIV
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