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                     Location: Home > Products > Single Out Programmable DC Power Supply
             Single Out Programmable DC Power Supply

          Single Output Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

          This series Single Output Programmable Power Supply is controlled by Micro Processor Unit (MPU) with extreme high accuracy, which can easily connect communication interface RS-232 or USB to computer in order to satisfy users’ demand for auto-testing and auto-control. The software commands are fully complied with the SCPI format, it is convenient for user to proceed auto-tested and auto-controlled application program. Also, the digitalization of system makes a speedy, precise and convenient input of information controlled by keyboard. The adjustment of voltage/current is made by software calibration without manual error that will increase the preciseness of the instrument.


            Main Features

          ·               Single output with dual range (MPM-3003S, MPM-3005S)

          ·               24 bits ADC and 16 bits DAC, high accuracy, high resolution

          ·               Safety design: OLP, OVP, OCP, OTP and reverse polarity production

          ·               Auto CC and CV switch

          ·               122×32 LCD display 

          ·               Convenient and high efficiency operation of setting interface, high speed rotary knob and numeric key input

          ·               Warning buzzer

          ·               Key-lock to prevent improper operation

          ·               Output ON/OFF control

          ·               Save and Recall function of 100 groups setting and proceed together with auto operation can achieve the purpose of auto test

          ·               Standard interface: USB or RS232

          ·               Support SCPI commands

          For detailed performance parameters and technical specifications, refer to Single Output Programmable  DC Power Supply Data Sheet.

          Single output programmable linear DC power supply product selection guideGO

          Output range
          Output ratings
          Save /Recall
          RS232 or USB interface
          dual range 0~36V/0~3A(5A) or 0~15V/0~6A(10A) 100 sets Provided
          single range 0~30V/0~3A(5A) 100 sets Provided
          single range 0~60V/0~1A(3A)(5A) 100 sets Provided
          single range 0~20V/(30V)0~10A 100 sets Provided
          single range 0~75V/0~3A(5A) 100 sets Provided
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