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          October 2004
           Begin preparations for the company.
           March 2005
           Set up in Shenzhen, started trial production of product development.
           March 2006
           Oscilloscopes, power equipment products officially entered the market.
           August 2006
           Through ISO9001: 2001 version certification.
           November 2007
           Oscilloscope, power supply products have passed CE certification.
           October 2008
           MOS-6000 series 100MCRT read out oscilloscope, mass production.
           December 2009
           Introduction of MFG-3000 series DDS signal source.
           July 2010
           Through ISO9001: 2008 version certification.
           August 2011
           Invited to join the Instrument Industry Association, Guangdong Province, to become vice president of the unit.
           September 2011
           Source products passed CE certification.



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